“To do that which it is right to do…”

Membership Information

Joining the Scottish Rite builds your character and opens a social network of men who have been on the same journey. If not for Scottish Rite Freemasonry, there may never be a chance to meet men from all backgrounds. As a member, you join them not just as friends, but truly as Brothers. 

Becoming a 32° Mason, Master of the Royal Secret, allows a Mason all the rights and privileges within the Valley.  You are entitled to join the membership at monthly meetings, perform degree work, or be involved in other activities in the Valley.

Additional instruction of the meaning of the degrees and philosophies of Scottish Rite Masonry are provided in the Master Craftsman program held monthly to increase your knowledge with assistance from different Scottish Rite Masons who have completed the course.

The Valley motto: “To do that which it is right to do…” was written by Scottish Rite Grand Commander Albert Pike nearly 150 years ago. This philosophy sums up what Omaha Scottish Rite Masons believe and seek to share with the community.

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