The Scottish Rite Masonic Center hosted the Conference of Grand Masters of North America in mid-February, offering lunch and tours on Saturday, February 19th and a cocktail reception on Sunday, February 19th. We welcomed several hundred Masons and their ladies, representing nearly every Grand Lodge in the United States and quite a few from international Grand Lodges. Our guests universally admired our building and appreciated the time and work of our Culinary Masters and Knights of St. Andrew who donated so much time to make this a success.

Unfortunately, our costs were higher than anticipated, and we ran a shortfall on this event. I would like to ask you to consider a goodwill offering toward underwriting the cost of meals, tour bus rentals, and our expenses. You can make a contribution on the button below or by calling the office.

I appreciate your consideration of this request.

Sincerely and fraternally,

John T. Maxell, 33° General Secretary

John T. Maxell, 33°
General Secretary





Contribute to help underwrite our expenses for CGMNA