Jim Flowers' Christmas Train Display an Annual Tradition at the Scottish Rite

Each year, Jim Flowers undertakes a labor of love, building not just a model train in the Scottish Rite lobby, but an entire village, with a skating rink, light house, animals, buildings, cars and so many other great items he has added over years of building his train set.

The entire set is too big to set up at my house, he said, and enjoys breaking out all the pieces at the Scottish Rite. The set-up has taken nearly a week, with new items being added each year. Some of the more special pieces include his father's Knights Templar sword, fez, numerous items from his hometown of Lehigh, Pennsylvania, and Masonic collectibles added over the years.

Be sure to stop by the Scottish Rite and check out Jim's train in the Scottish Rite lobby!

All aboard!