Valley of Omaha Celebrates the Craft

The Valley of Omaha joined Scottish Rite Masons around the nation for the 6th annual Celebrating the Craft fundraiser. Celebrating the Craft is a telethon style fundraiser, produced and aired from the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. (this year, from the Valley of Alexandria, Virginia). Money raised supports the local Valley Foundation and RiteCare Speech and Language services as well as the House of the Temple’s plans for a world-class Masonic museum and meeting space in our nation’s capital.

This year, the Scottish Rite continued the tradition of Celebrating the Craft events for our RiteCare families. Last year’s Finding Nemo movie and ice cream was so successful, General Secretary John Maxell asked Jeffrey (32° KCCH) and Brenda Coleman to put together a similar event for our RiteCare families. This year, TJ Brumfield, 32° - himself a RiteCare father – came in full costume as the Cat in the Hat, reading stories to the kids, while Cat in the Hat videos played in the lounge. Kids enjoyed ice cream and played bean bag toss, Thing One and Thing Two sack races, and other games, winning prizes. About 40 RiteCare families, including several Clinicians from the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute came by for a few hours for fun and games.

Afterward, the Culinary Masters prepared an excellent pasta dinner with spaghetti, marinara, and meatballs and pasta and alfredo sauce with garlic toast. Scottish Rite Masons who didn’t come down for the kids event came down for a great dinner, followed by conversation and cocktails in the lounge while watching the Celebrating the Craft show online.

The evening was open for goodwill donations, and money raised supports our RiteCare services and the House of the Temple. Thanks to Jeffrey and Brenda Coleman, TJ and Sarah Brumfield, Andrew and Christine Muska, the Culinary Masters, the Knights of St. Andrew and so many other volunteers who made this such a great evening!