Scottish Rite Celebrates Love at Annual Ladies Night at the 'Rite Dinner

A bit of freezing rain is no deterrent for the heartiest Scottish Rite Masons. About 80 Scottish Rite Masons and their ladies turned out on February 19 for the annual Ladies Night at the ‘Rite, our celebration of our ladies and all they do for us throughout the year.

The evening began with cocktails in the lounge and the Scottish Rite Ethics Series in the Middle Chamber. The topic was: Resolved that “Dreamers” shall have access to legal residency, including the essential rights and duties of citizenship. Our speakers were  Richard Galusha, an Associate Professor of Arts and Sciences and Director of the Kirkpatrick Signature Series at Bellevue University, and Douglas Kagan, President of the Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom. Rick has done scholarly research on illegal “Dreamers” in the United States. Doug has been one of the leading opponents in Nebraska of illegal immigration. Chris Carter, 32° KCCH served as moderator as Richard and Dogulas debated Dreamers and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

After an interesting discussion, members enjoyed a baked salmon dinner with wild rice, mixed vegetables, salad and rolls, and an ice cream sundae social hosted by the Knights of St. Andrew. Our entertainment was local legendary pianist Ray Williams, who played throughout the evening. After an excellent dinner, the line officers presented the ladies with potted plants from Mulhall’s and gifts for the ladies.

Ladies Night at the ‘Rite has been a long tradition at the Scottish Rite, and definitely a fun evening not worth missing! Mark your calendar for next February and plan to be here for a great evening celebrating our ladies.