Police Presentation Discusses ‘Active Killer’ Situation

Omaha Police Department Sgt. Robert Wondra discusses 'Active Killer' Situations

Omaha Police Department Sgt. Robert Wondra discusses 'Active Killer' Situations

This past January, the Federal Bureau of Investigation thwarted a terrorist-style plot to attack a Scottish Rite Lodge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In light of that threat, John Maxell, General Secretary for the Omaha Valley, arranged to have Sgt. Robert Wondra, a former Marine and 20-year veteran of the Omaha Police Department,  give the ‘Active Killer’ presentation.

On May 10th, with about fifty attending in the Scottish Rite theater, Sgt. Wondera provided definitions used in describing “active killer” situations, as well as discussing behaviors that may allow co-workers or managers to recognize a potential threat. He also discussed techniques and drills targeted to increase the chances of survival during an active killer incident.

Wondra shared shared lessons on safety, including the “seven outs,” which are:

  • Figure out what’s going on
  • Get out to safety, if possible
  • Call out to 911 with specific information that is known
  • Hide out if escape isn’t feasible
  • Keep out, think how to barricade space
  • Help out if others do not know the protocol
  • Take out the attacker as a last and final resort

“We need people to behave a certain way so they can survive the first few minutes until police can get there,” said Wondra. Emotions can run high during these situations and the better people are prepared, the better likelihood everyone will be safe. “It’s one more drill we need to add to fire drills, tornado drills,” he said.