The building was perfect for...

"our wedding reception.  We can’t thank you enough for making the evening so memorable for us and our families.  The Scottish Rite will always be a special place."

Caterers enjoy the Scottish Rite because they have direct access to the kitchen area and an elevator very near to deliver their food to the reception area.  The second floor serving area gives the caterer plenty of room to prepare that special meal presentation.

Decorations are only needed on the tables as the character of the building lends to the atmosphere of the evening.  The lounge area is second to none with its marble-topped bar and fireplace to make conversation leisurely and fun.  Lighting throughout the reception and ballroom area can be set to fit the occasion.

Click on the video button to see one of the many wedding reception seating arrangements.  Vision the space and plan for your own decorations!

  • A Choice of Caterers
  • Great Service Staff
  • Tables and chairs provided
  • Video equipment available
  • Free open parking
  • Volunteer hosts


  • About The Building
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Downloads

About The Building

The auditorium with its new renovation will give a
production a close feeling as the stage reached out
to the audience beyond the curtain and the new seating
is wide and comfortable for any performance.

Nostalgia is also a part of the space if you go to the balcony to relive the past in the still comfortable 1926 seating with the hanging wires for a man’s top hat or the hooks at the bottom for the ladies umbrella.  The auditorium brings together the old and the new.

Rentals at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center are special.  Whether you use the ballroom and lounge or take advantage of the 400 seat auditorium, this is a special place for receptions or events.

The ballroom, lounge and overflow room along with a serving kitchen cover almost 10,000 square feet.  This offers 300 plus guest an enjoyable evening of a reception dinner and a little dancing to follow.  Renovations in 2002 brought in modern conveniences including dimmable lighting, audio and video capabilities and a beautiful hardwood floor to improve the evening.  The lounge is a peaceful setting with a large bar, fireplace and plenty of seating room.  The overflow room allows for those large crowds from either the lounge or ballroom to give more space to make the event more special.

Recently the Scottish Rite Theater has been renovated to include new paint, wood floor, seating and lighting.  It is truely an impressive sight and a wonderful place for stage, music or weddings. 

Behind the Scenes

The restrooms have been updated with all ADA accessibly and beautiful décor.  These large clean areas are provided for all guests and members as they attend different events and receptions.

The entire building is kept in spotless condition with clean carpeted areas and shiny marble hallways and hardwood floors in the ballroom area.  It has a level of elegance that is hard to find in many buildings today.  This facility was build the with thick walls that allow a very quiet atmosphere for all functions.

The Scottish Rite Masonic Center is full of wide luxurious hallways and marble stairways that make passage from room to room very easy.  All areas are wheel chair accessible with one handicap elevator to each floor.  This large expanse also lends itself to several meeting spots for short conversations or larger rooms for formal meetings.

The Kitchen on 1st floor and the serving area on the 2nd floor make it very comfortable for caterers who either bring their food in completely prepared or ones that may need to warm an item or two.  Easy access for caterers is obtained just off the alley side of the building which allows direct entrance into the main kitchen area.  A short walk from there takes the caterer to elevator that opens on 2nd floor just outside the serving areas.

There are two elevators available in the building that reaches all four floors.  One is ADA accessible and the other is part of the character of the building as it is an original install with the building was build in 1914.  It gives easy access to corridors on all four floors.

Colored Floor Plans of the Scottish Rite Masonic Center

Layout of each floor of the Scottish Rite Masonic Center is impressive.  See colored drawings of the various areas on each floor.

Rental Guidlines and Information

The Rental Handbook contains information for all those involved in an event or reception.

Rental Contract

Attached is a downloadable contract to be used for all rentals.

Membership Information
Joining the Scottish Rite builds your character and opens a social network of men who have
been on the same journey. If not for Scottish Rite there may never be a chance to meet some
but as a member you would find them a friend.