Scottish Rite Members Enjoy Spring Outing

A year ago, the Spring Outing was almost derailed by weather advisory warnings. This year, however, the Great Architect kept an eye out for the Scottish Rite Spring Outing at the Papillion Gun Club, delivering perfect Spring weather, without a cloud in the sky.

About 200 Masons and prospective Masons came out to the Papillion Gun Club for trap shooting, fellowship, and a great dinner with steak, baked potato, salad, corn, and brownies prepared by the Culinary Masters. Many Brethren shot trap while others enjoyed beer and cocktails.

The Line Officers ran a 50-50 drawing, awarding two lucky Masons several hundred dollars. One Brother immediately turned his winning back to the Scottish Rite Foundation of Omaha to support RiteCare, for which we are profoundly grateful.

Many volunteers make the evening work, including John Chester, 32° KCCH who took dinner tickets, Line Officers who set up, checked in guests, and cleaned up. The Culinary Masters cooked a fantastic dinner. Don Leu, 32° and Bob Pelletier, 32° tended bar during the evening. The Scottish Rite extends our appreciation to the numerous Brethren who supported the evening as volunteers.

A number of prospective Masons were on hand, learning about Masonry in a relaxed environment, and both Lodges and the Scottish Rite have picked up a few petitions from the Spring and Fall Outing. Several Brethren from Miloma Lodge expressed an interest in joining, and we look forward to seeing them in the Fall Reunion.

With perfect weather and great Brotherhood, the Spring Outing is never an evening to miss. But if you did, you will have another opportunity at the Fall Outing on September 19, 2018.