John Maxell, 33° Meets UNO Distinguished Scholars

2018-09-25 19.01.02.jpg

On Tuesday, September 25th, John Maxell attended a dinner, recognizing the University of Nebraska at Omaha Distinguished Scholars, several of whom received Scottish Rite scholarships. Here, John is with freshman Griffen Gillen and his father. Griffen is a Communication, Fine Arts, & Media student from Plattsmouth, majoring in Music Performance.

The evening’s speaker was senior Abi Heller, a Scottish Rite scholarship recipient, who was a NASA Research Fellow, has presented internationally, written research grants, and has already had an extraordinary career in her early 20s! She is looking forward to medical school in the future. She graciously recognized the Scottish Rite as one of the organizations that supported her studies.

The Scottish Rite is extremely proud to say we have helped students like Griffen and Abi on their path to greatness. Thank you to all Scottish Rite Masons whose donations help provide scholarships each year!