Great Day for the Scottish Rite/Tangier Shrine Picnic

Masons and their families came out on a perfect Sunday for the annual picnic at the Omaha Home for Boys Cooper Farm Picnic Pavilion on August 18th. The annual picnic was jointly hosted by the Omaha Scottish Rite and Tangier Shrine as an event to boost participation and engagement among members of both organizations.

The Culinary Masters grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and members made s'mores on the fire afterward.

This year, Scottish Rite staff hosted a Bingo tournament, which members enjoyed. Lee Terry, 33° won a ceramic chicken, which he was immensely happy to win!

Scottish Rite Financial Secretary Barb Coonce is already planning next year's Scottish Rite/Tangier Shrine picnic for Sunday, August 22nd at Mahoney State Park. "Get your bingo daubers ready, and plan for an even better picnic," Barb said.

The Scottish Rite/Shrine picnic is open to all members, families, and potential Masons.